Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sunny Saturday

We have sun!  All the doors and windows are open and it feels so good to have the sun on my face at long last.  Even got the mammoth Saturday wash hanging out on the line.

I should be outside doing lots and lots of gardening.  Got a half pruned Wisteria to finish off and lots and lots of bramble clearing.  Not to mention getting rid of about 20 cherry tree saplings which seem to have sprung up without me noticing.

Instead I'm sewing away for a birthday present for The Young One.

Remember when I made a birthday present for her friend Fanny and The Young One II?

I'm going to something similar, but bigger.  I was going to to a huge A, with l e x on one line and n d r a on the next.

So I made a start and, of course, changed my mind when I looked at it.

That A is about 10" high!  Debating whether to consign them to the Parts Dept and start again.  How about Miss Alex Kate which is what she is known by in cyber space?

Also restarted my batik/liberated log cabin houses.  I have been reading through Collaborative Quilting and just love Gwen and Freddy's houses.  Not too sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but they are so fun to make.  A riot of colour!


Cut batiks into strips - any width and length.  
Toss them all together.
When you choose a strip shut your eyes.
Open them.  Sew to cabin and

I'm also got another project going.  I gave TYO a choice of music quotes.  She's music mad!  She's chosen her quote and the fabrics, but she had to make sure they went with the letter fabric I used for Hummmm.  She chose exactly what I would have chosen!

They're going to be on a white on white background.  Can't wait to start this one.

More soon.


Tonya Ricucci said...

hmm, I like what you have so far. Did you make the ndra? still sounds like a cool idea. Maybe making the little l a capital L might help with clarity. and if you don't like the ndra snuggled in, maybe put it around the side (so the name turns the corner). or put ndra at the bottom - make it obscure so people have to go huh? really fun!

VivJM said...

I love seeing all this colour, Clare! Those houses are going to be so terrific. I like Tonya's idea of having the name turning the corner too.

jovaliquilts said...

I like your new header!
I have tried that pull-from-a-bag-and-use-it technique, but I don't like to turn the outcome of my quilt over to the gods of randomness. But the gods of serendipity are quite another matter, so if I like what I pull, I use it, and if I don't like it, I don't use it. I'm a cheater, right?