Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday Waffle

Well, it makes a change from Wordless Wednesday!

I've decided to extend the date of my challenge to the end of the year.

It's stressing me out watching the days fly past and I'm only just half way.

I've finished binding one quilt and another is waiting in the wings.  Then there is the string quilt which is driving me nuts!

I just want to do something for myself.  So extending the date seems to be the only way out of this.

If you are following me because you are are flying on my coat tails, so to speak, then please take your time.  There is no rush.

Not much going on at Chez Nous at the moment.  One minute Spring seems to have arrived and the next its gone.

However, the cranes flew over the other day

on their way to lovely Nicolette in Holland,

and I found this whilst walking round the garden this morning.

Perhaps Spring is really on its way?

Oh and a mini CATastrophe.

Someone was supposed to have been sterilised before she came to stay, otherwise we wouldn't have adopted her.  Someone Isn't.  In fact the complete opposite!  Also, Someone isn't called Mimi, or Poucette, as we were originally told. Someone is Pipette.  Now Someone comes running when she is called.

I'm going up to the sewing room to pack up the red and white strings and the blocks and start playing with something I want to do.  Question is what?

I had a lovely idea towards the end of last year.  To make a Word Verification quilt.  You know.  The words that appear on the comments form.

I had some really great ones.  I decided that the maximum length would be 6 letters and the list was getting longer.

Guess what!  I've lost the list!  I keep a notebook by the computer to write down the good ones.  Went to said notebook the other day and the pages are gone!  Oh woe is me!

Right - must get those red and white strings out of my sight!

More soon.


ROZ said...

Well hello kitty! Great photos--

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe take your time with your challenge. Nothing is written in stone. I love your string quilt. String quilts are one of my favorite patterns to do. As to the word verifications...they drive me nuts. There is no way I'd ever make a quilt using them. However I can't wait to see yours when it's done. Hugs

Shasta said...

Our weather is playing tricks on us as well - warm and now cold again. You are doing such a wonderful job with the quilts for Leukemia; you should definitely take your time - you don't want it to become a chore.

Sharon said...

Oh oh, sounds like Someone needs to go see the vet! So sorry to hear about this.

Yes, be kind to yourself and don't worry about extending your deadline. We all know you work hard at this, and making it such a chore and No Fun isn't good. Take your time!

The word verification idea is brilliant! Of course, no one but a blogger would "get" it, but that's OK. Hope you find your pages soon!

Em said...

anything but wordless...and I am speechless as I think about all your ideas you have inspired in me this morning! I am so glad that you were kind to yourself and extended the deadline so you will once more delight in the project instead of stress out! .........

Tonya Ricucci said...

uh oh about Pippi blackstockings. what a cutie she is though. definitely give yourself a break with the time frame. well, the good thing about word verifications is that there are always more....