Monday, 27 December 2010

An Inspiration Challenge

A couple of days ago I challenged the ladies and gentlemen on Lib-Quilters to take their camera with them where ever they went, even if it was just to the supermarket, and to look for inspiration.

Not necessarily liberated, but any form of inspiration.

Today we went to Angouleme which is so full of inspiration my brain positively hurts with trying to take photos of everything in sight.

Hmmm - interesting.
Black and white with a hint of citrus perhaps?

The day I attempt a quilt like this is the day you know I've
lost the plot!

Can we do joined up letters I wonder?
Don't you just love those reflections!!

Not so much inspiration as intriging.

1 comment:

ROZ said...

OK, great challenge--I'll take some shots tomorrow, for sure