Saturday, 4 December 2010

3 Days to Go - Gaining in Confidence

After I'd finished the Take the Leap Challenge quilt (which was given to the baby boy of friends of ours and I haven't seen it since!), I decide to jump from the next diving board up.

The Young One and I started drawing designs for wonky houses and these little houses came into being.

The second one has always been my favourite.  So much so that I couldn't use it in the quilt I was intending to make.  It has been made into a mini quilt and  now hangs with others of the same size, and this picture appears a lot in Blogland and on one or two listserve groups.

The first house did end up in a quilt that has been loved by its recipient ever since.

Remember this from, would you believe, November 2006 - 4 years ago.

Family Houses

If I remember rightly, I quilted it with Baptist Fans and then went over it again with words in stem stitch in various coloured threads, mostly 3 strands of embroidery floss.

It's not as big as a lap quilt and was meant as a wall hanging, but Mum uses it every winter to keep her knees warm.  I bet she's using it at the moment!

More tomorow when I jump from an even higher diving board!


Michele Bilyeu said...

I really love your wonky embroidery letters! To me, that almost looks more liberated than pieced ones in a way and has a truly charming folk look that I am always drawn too. I think you should post some of these pics on Yahoo as it would sure be interesting to our quilting group there. If people are going to hand quilt and embroider, this suggest a liberating way to go about it, these are truly great!

Millie said...

"jump from an even higher diving board" WOW! What a great description of taking the leap into free piecing! I call it "quilting without a net"

Tonya Ricucci said...

love all the memories tucked into this quilt - wonderful!

Scrappy quilter said...

Thos little houses are so cute. I love how you've done them.

Em said...

Clare, Could I post the pic of houses and words on my blog and send link to you for my CELEBRATION of Tonya and my giveaway? Just love the Jenny and George and words imbetween!!!

Finn said...

What a nice trip down your memory lane Clare, I wasn't in your loop enough at that time to have seen the last one, but sort of recognize the orange one as a Liberated link? on some blogs. All three are really neat! Love that your Mum uses her as she sees fit, best possible compliment! She wants it 'close', like hugging you. I look forward to the higher board. Hugs, Finn