Monday, 6 December 2010

1 Day to Go - "Words Words Words"

I've just typed those words  into Google and found this wonderful web site (click here).  Great inspiration!

I'm always looking for inspiration and could quite happily spend a day going through the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.  I love Lynne's "No Rules" quilts that she made for Tonya and Julie.

So today I've decided to show some words.

My Scrappy Mind 
made for the AAQI Liberated Challenge 2010

 Made for Tonya for her Slither Eek Boo quilt.
Woohoo.  I searched her blog for links to that quilt and have just discovered that my little word is going to be on The Quilt Show when they broadcast Tonya's interview next year (scroll down to the photo she took of her quilts being hung).. 

Joyeux Anniversaire Fanny

 Another mini qult made for the AAQI Liberated Challenge 2010.
I've actually forgotten what I called this. 

Joyeux Anniversaire Magaly.

and last, but not least

The back of the quilt I made for Tonya's Liberated Amish Challenge.
I'll really looking forward to getting this finally quilted.  It's the next on the list.

Tomorrow see's the publication of Tonya's wonderful book and what will be my last post on the subject, bringing you up to date with

Just as a matter of interest, what is the official publication date?  Does anyone know?

Patchwork Place are saying tomorrow, The Book Depositry says today and it is now out of stock, and says today, but because that's Amazon in the US, they haven't woken up yet and it's not available :-) !

Tonya!  Has it sold out already!


Darling Millie said...

Your SCREECH is awesome.

Sujata said...

What fun! Love them all!

YankeeQuilter said...

I am madly (a good word!) looking for my Snow all your word works!

Shasta said...

It looks like it is available now. Yay!

ROZ said...

I'm so excited about the book! it's going to spread Tonya's inspirations to so many people.

Tonya Ricucci said...

wheeee, so much fun. have to admit I have no idea when anyone is actually going to get the books in their hot little hands. it's a learning experience for me too.