Thursday, 11 November 2010

Des Racines et des Ailes

Des Racines et des Ailes is a programme on France 3 and is about the only one I ever watch.  (Did you know that French television is fine if you like game shows, reruns of German detective stories, old films and documentaries about Claude François or Johnny Halliday?)

Click on this Wikipedia link to read more about Racines et Ailes in English.

Last night The Old One  was "flicking channels" as men do (don't you just hate it when they do that!) and up came R et A.  It was about hidden Paris from the roof tops.

The camera was on the table in front of me (never move without it!) and I just had to try and capture some of the shots.  I don't know if taking photos from the t.v and publishing them is legal, but I have copyrighted the photo to France 3.

Did you know there are bee hives on the roof of the Opéra Garnier and that somewhere in Paris there is a huge potager on a roof?  It was just at that point the battery died!



Michele Bilyeu said...

I just love it when you speak French. Now, if my DNA only came with natural language gifts, as well. I can half understand what you say. I got the TV part ;)

Nope, anything out in public is not copyrightable. People are careful of taking photos of people to be polite, but even that is not against any law. TV stations blur faces out of fear of lawsuits, not because it is against the law. And we can take photos of anything in our own homes. Just ask Paris Hilton how that worked for her.

Reminds all of us to not do anything embarrassing in public...or private. I hear England has cameras on every street corner. Is that true?

ROZ said...

When we visited Paris in the summer of 2001, we went to eat in a restaurant that was on the roof of a department store near our hotel. One of my favorite memories of Paris. View of the Eifel from there.

Clare said...

For Michele. I understand it's true, but I have no idea why you are asking me!