Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rentrée 2010

Well, she's gone!

Took her to Lycée yesterday afternoon, made sure she collected her text books and got her ensconsed in her "dorm" with 2 other friends.

The biggest laugh was that someone's mother said we have to take duvet's and pillows, as well as a bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.

We took the sheet, cover and cases, but The Young One thought she knew better and left the pillows and duvet behind.

When we got there - one blanket and a typical French bolster!  I had to laugh.  Teenagers are always right aren't they!  Serves her right!  And no I'm not going to drive over there today with them.  She'll have to make do until she comes back tomorrow!

Now to attack her bedroom!

See ya!


Tonya R said...

exciting! but ooh, it's going to be quiet.

kwilta said...

You,ll both have loads to chat about tomorrow