Friday, 24 September 2010

Beautiful Batiks

The Fabric Fairy paid a visit again on Wednesday.

She really did herself proud this time.



Mouth watering


and hidden amongst that stack above were these.

Not a very good photo - sorry.  It doesn't do the colours justice.  They really are heavenly.
They've given me some much needed inspiration.  I'm finally going to take the plunge and start cutting up my batik collection (deep breaths).

Thank you so much Fabric Fairy.  You know who you are!


Connie W said...

As pretty as they are, I don't make quilts with them. I guess I still go for the traditional look.

kwilta said...

Batiks are always in my favourite list.

belinda said...

...WOW Clare...these are Fabulous!!! How can you stand it????!!!!!

black bear cabin said...

batiks...i LOVE batiks.....enjoy!

Joyce said...

Cutting batiks requires a deep breath indeed! Good luck!

theodora said...

You are right these fabrics are lucious, and the log cabin looks partly done is also real pretty ,I like to keep my fabric before I actually cut into them I like to look at them and fondle them and then when ready I go for it,happy cutting and sewing .