Saturday, 13 March 2010

Feeling Very Silly

How could I be so stupid!

Honestly - sometimes I wonder if I have a brain, or just a bit of fluff!

I have quilted the centre as a cobweb (here) and have subsequently done parallel lines in the blue border.

So why on earth I didn't think of continuing the cobweb over to the outer border I don't know.

Sometimes I really can't see the wood for the trees.


Darlene said...

Friends don't allow friends to call themselves "stupid"! Brain fart, fine, but stupid, no.

Your quilt looks great! And it shows how creative and intelligent you really are.

sophie said...

A cobweb sounds perfect. Personally, I'd use black thread, so the words (even if they are "covered" in cobwebs) will pop against the black background. Of course, with a lot of black thread on black fabric quilting going on, be sure you have great light and well-rested eyes ;-)

Marit said...

Love the quilting - Clare! This is such a fun quilt!!