Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sometimes ......

life hits you in the solar plexus and you have to be strong and cope.

A few years ago The Young One's best friend, Magaly, lost her Mum. She committed suicide.

We were heart broken.

We then lost contact with our lovely Magaly.

About a year later Magaly re-entered our lives. After many moves of home and school she now lives in Libourne with her father, step-mother and two brothers, but Magaly is part of our family. She is a sister to TYO, another daughter to me and when she "comes home" for the holidays TYO and I are overjoyed.

For the first time she will be spending her birthday with us and I have been persuaded to make a "friendship quilt".

Friendship quilts are the ones I make for TYO's friends, like the one I made for Fanny last year.

This was whipped up in 3 days under secrecy.  Hidden on the design wall under the Amish quilt when it was being pieced and under the cutting mat when I was waiting to bind it!

I'd like to thank Tonya for the background fabric.  I hope you don't mind that I used some of it for this mini quilt.  I know you donated lots to Quilts 4 Leukaemia, but I thought you wouldn't mind me using just a little bit for this.

Magaly's birthday is on Friday and if you fancy wishing her a happy birthday you can find her through my family on FB.



Very special and so sweet of you!! I can hear your fondness for her loud and clear! Nice job!

jovaliquilts said...

I love the idea of a friendship quilt! Wonderful that she gets to be with you for her birthday.

Joyce said...

It's a beautiful gift. I'm sure she'll love it.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wonderful! Clare, I gave the fabric to YOU to use as you want to. I know you put lots of time and fabric of your own into Quilts 4 Leukemia, so absolutely now worries. sweet quilt for someone special.

belinda said...

I think the red with hearts is THE
perfect fabric!!!
She will love it for sure!!

Pat said...

Your quiilts are wonderful, and I enjoy your blog a lot. Thank you for sharing!