Saturday, 13 February 2010

Home is Where Mum is

Home should be here in France, but to me home is where Mum lives.

Dearest sister, Sophie - her of Leukaemia fame - has posted on her blog about her flight in a Tiger Moth last summer and has uploaded some beautiful photos of home, not to mention lovely Tolly who I'm going to meet for the first time next May.

Hop over and take a look.

Makes me feel home sick.


Michele Bilyeu said...

i understand this,completely.

we grew up under our mother's hearts and carry...whether figuratively or literally.....our children under ours. the heartstrings stretch across the miles.but with the presence of love...they never break.

you are blessed to feel this, still.

Darlene said...

Mom is always the heart of the home. Kids, pets, and husbands usually wind up wherever Mom is, no matter what she's doing. It was like that for me when my daughter was young, and it's like that for her now that she has three (soon to be four) of her own.

Loved the blog post about flying in the old plane. What a fun thing to do!