Thursday, 21 January 2010

More L O V E

Some people have said that they think doing letters as 8-1/2 inch blocks may be too big. So I've altered the rules a bit.

Take a look at Tonya's Rumspringa quilt (here).

Could you do something similar in red and white?  Block still to be the same size.

Is this ok with you all?


Joyce said...

That would be much easier for me. I guess we can use sashing to get it the exact size...Something to do when I get to the studio, hopefully this morning.

sophie said...

I recently made some letters at 6" high for a blog banner for the Block Lotto blog. Before I started, I thought the size would be too big, but I just had to start thinking BIGGER and I liked the result.

I think once you settle on a size, everyone will be able to adapt to your vision.

Sharon said...

So, let me understand this. We're basically going to be making each letter approx. 4 inches, then sewing them together like Tonya's to finish at 8"?? Is that correct? And do you still want us to send the letters as separate entities (not sewn to each other)? If that's what you want, I don't think that would be a problem. Let me know if I've gotten this concept correctly!