Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fooling About

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you all had a good Christmas and celebrated the next year in style.

We had a pretty quiet Christmas, but I'm still recovering frm the New Year celebrations. (Note to self - don't drink so much of the fizzy stuff next year.)

In between eating and drinking I've been chain piecing blocks for the Blueberry Fool quilt and this is where I've got to so far.

Someone mentioned that they thought it was a lot different from Blackcurrant Fool, but I personally can't see the difference, except that the "blades" haven't been added yet.  There is a lot more dark and white than in the previous one and I'm trying ever so hard to provide contrast.

I winged it with Blackcurrant Fool and I seem to be planning this one a lot more.

I haven't started machining the blocks together yet.  I thought I'd wait and see how big it gets before getting fed up.  I'm thinking of stopping roughly about this size, will add the "blades" and then a small border to round it off.

After that perhaps I'll muck about with the purples and blues (there are still loads left over) and make a lap quilt for my Mother.  I asked her last year if she wanted a lap quilt and got a firm no.  When she was over here in November she said how warm quilts are and would like a lap quilt to snuggle under during the cold months.  Honestly!  So that's the next project sorted.

Isn't it marvellous about the Liberated Quilting Challenge!  I was approving membership applications to the Yahoo group most of yesterday and when I logged on to the internet this morning, found that my fellow Moderator, Nancie V in TX, had approved loads more.

I'm not at all sure what I'm going to do yet.  I did letters for Tonya's Priority Hope Challenge and I toying with the idea of doing a free-pieced rose similar to the one that Tracey did a tutorial for (here).

We've had the most extraordinary weather over the last few days.  3 nights ago there was the most amazing thunderstorm with torrential rain (in December!?!?) and now the temperature has dropped again and we are building up for a couple of cold days.

The skies have been amazing.

As have the sunsets

Woohoo - I've just realised - only 2 days to go before Gwen's new book is out.  I wonder what it's like?

Then there is February to look forward to when Bonnie's Adventures with Leaders & Enders comes out.  What fun we are going to have this year.

Until the next time.


YankeeQuilter said...

Your "fool" quilt is coming along great. I love looking at all the fabrics! Happy New Year...great list of what is coming in the year ahead too...

Brenda said...

your fool looks great. thanks for jumpstarting the new year with a challenge - I made a little quilt yesterday and I'm going to post about it asap. can I post directly on the liberated blog?

True Blue Nana said...

Your Blueberry Fool is looking mighty good!

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Love your blueberry fool! And your idea of a lap quilt for your mom. I made my MIL one and as she's a quilter too, wasn't sure how she'd receive it. But she was delighted. I think she thinks she's just passed the quilting torch to me!

I'd also love another free-pieced rose to join mine in the Liberated Quilting Challenge (I have my own tutorial on my blog, similar but different from Tracey's, got my original idea from someone else many years ago, and have made and given them away since before I knew how to blog!)

Our flower garden of life could use lots of flowers to just be all the more sweeter!

ROZ said...

I love your blueberry fool! Such fun.

Shasta said...

You're making great progress on your blueberry fool. Love the name!

Hedgehog said...

Hope you are all keeping warm! Love the progress on the blueberry fool!!