Monday, 23 November 2009

Small Beginnings

The production line had to be kick started again..

The Foreman took a week off, the sewing machines (yes you did read that right - machines) sulked and one sulked so much it had to be refurbished and given a new motor and foot pedal - I'd worn them out!

A bit sad really as the foot pedal was so comfy - a lovely old Singer Bakelite one has been replaced by a grotty plastic one (sigh).  The original motor was a lovely dusky pink (the same colour as the machine) and has been replaced by a yukky white one.  But the machine is happy and is Sing-ing (geddit!) again.

During the Foreman's enforced break, there was a bit of stashbuilding.

I couldn't believe my eyes!   At the fabric warehouse, which now gets my custom on a regular basis, there were some end of bolts at 5€ (yes 5!) a metre.  Now what girl could resist that!

Most of it wasn't really my sort of thing, but the one on the left and the one peeking out on the far right jumped out at me and had to come home.  The batik on the right is soooo scrummy - Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

The colours haven't come out very well - camera was getting used a lot last week and wasn't very happy either!  Anyway, those solids are yummy scrummy too.  Slurp!  The yellow is more greeny and looks fantastique with the blue.

Ok, so there was some stashbuilding last week and that kick started the production line again.

So small beginnings.

The first wonky 9 patch for Blueberry Fool

and a lot of cutting up!

Poor old rotary cutter - it's not at all happy with me.

On the family front, The Young One has got to be vaccinated against the H1N1 (oink oink) virus.  As per usual, the school issued the forms 24 hours before they had to be handed back.  It makes me So Cross when they do that! Especially when you've got to translate the damn thing and double check what you are signing, let alone sign everything in triplicate.  (OK so that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off seeing as this IS France, the country of the bureaucrat!).

Forms are filled in and ready to be given back to the school this afternoon when I pick The Young One up.  At least that gives me an excuse to pop in on a friend for a cuppa and a natter.

I'm heading back to the machines and the rotary cutter (note to self - buy new blades).

A bientôt :-)


YankeeQuilter said...

Wow...a freshly maintained machine and a new stash! Once you get that new rotary blade we may not hear from you until spring!

Joyce said...

Great stash fabrics. I really like the blue quilt, blue being my favorite color. Lots of cutting but a new blade will surely help.

Sharon said...

Do I spy denim there? No wonder your rotary cutter is complaining! Tough work, that is. But a great pattern for denim.

Glad to see that you've stash enhanced and are once more being creative. Hope you're Sing-ing too!

Cascade Lily said...

Some great bargains there Clare! Well found. Blueberry fool will be gorgeous. Blue's my favourite colour too.

jovaliquilts said...

Your blueberry fool will be lovely! And you're doing the denim quilt. I have piles of jeans for one, just haven't done it yet. And have fun with your freezer paper -- it's amazing stuff. The person who first figured out how to use it was pretty clever.