Saturday, 24 October 2009

Goodies in the Mail and a Little Bit More

A couple of weeks ago Suzy over at Suzy's Quilting Room was having a giveaway and guess what!

I Won!

You'll never guess what the book is :

Suzy - thank you so very much.  The fabrics are gorgeous and the book is just ......... WOW!

I'm starting to mark up Halloween Houses.  It's proviing a beast to do.  I decided to do a cobweb as the background.  I thought of fans, but the quilt is so busy I don't think fans would work somehow.
Anyway.  How on earth do I get the lines to stay put!  I put the quilt away every day (I'm working at the kitchen table as the quilt is too big and heavy to keep on my lap) and have to retrace the lines when I open the quilt up. 

The chalk lines look ok in these photos, they aren't now. 
I bought a special quilting marking pencil on Thursday.  It doesn't even show up (those lines are chalk ones - the pencil is useless)!

Perhaps I shall have to revert back to the slithers of soap.

How do you mark up your quilts?


Cascade Lily said...

What a great win. That Gwen book has definitely gone to a good home! What about your playdo tool? Did you try that for marking up the cobweb? (Great quilting idea for that quilt!!!)

Joyce said...

Great win! Congrats. Some people use washable markers that the kids use at school. You'd definitely want to try a bit first to be sure it washes out.

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, what a great win! Enjoy -- I know you will. I use a washable quilting marker (the blue one), just always test it first. I've never had a problem. I have a friend who uses the stuff that comes out with heat (as in an iron held over it) and she really likes that. Good luck -- I can't imagine redoing the lines every day!

belinda said...

I am soooo loving this quilt of yours...LOL....stop fiddling with it and GET IT FINISHED...I want to see it in all its glory!!
You lucky dog with your wonderful winnings there!!

paula, the quilter said...

I've been in a Halloween mood lately and seeing this great quilt just intensifies it. Thanks for stopping by the ole blog and entering in on the Kaffe Fassett fabric giveaway.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

quilt the straight lines first and then just add the bits of webbing as you do them. believe me, they don't have to be perfect - they aren't in nature.

comicbooklady said...

Ditto to Lazy Gal! That's how I did my Black Cats Staring...after awhile I gave up marking the web bits and did it by eye! I use a white marking pencil or taylor's chalk for dark fabric.

Banaghaisge said...

I usually use a blacklead pencil for marking. By the time you sew over it most of it has disappeared, and you can rub out what doesn't.
The Quilt Pounce (by Hancey) is great for fluffing over stencils and stays put long enough to be quilted (you are meant to get rid of the lines by ironing, but I haven't ever bothered).
What about drawing on the back and sewing the webs from there?

ROZ said...

Chalk, if I ever do mark a quilt.