Monday, 21 September 2009

Picking Up Speed

The internet problem (see previous post) still hasn't been resolved, but I'm missing blogging so much I thought I'd give it a go and see how long it takes for me to post (so far 30 minutes waiting for the New Post page to load!). Not a lot of quilting going on (well there is, but I can't show anything or talk about it as it's a surprise so ssshhhhh) so I thought I'd see if the photo uploader works and show you some photos I've taken over the last week or two.
First off. St Front, Cathedral, Périgueux I love the different shades of light in this one. I tried converting it to black and white, but it didn't work so well. Next up. A sort of black and white study. Two ladies chatting in the main square in Périgueux. I cropped the photo to take out most of the grillage in the background (some huge marquees were being erected for the Marché du Gras). Last, but by no means least. Taken in Périgueux the same day. I love the blue and the white. Gives the photo a sort of Cuban/South American feel.
That was the last really hot day we had. Since then its been badly needed rain with accompanying thunderstorms and Autumn has arrived overnight. Strange how that happens. One minute you're in shorts and t-shirts, the next jeans and a sweater! Actually, there is something sort of quilt related. The Liberated Quilters Yahoo! group has taken off. We are up to about 140 members and growing daily. Heigh ho - this post has taken over an hour to load (including hitting the publish button by mistake), so I suppose I had better go and get something achieved today. Will be back soon.


ROZ said...

I love the photos. I've been neglecting the Yahoo group--I'll have to try to catch up

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

And WE missed you! Hope, you figure out the virus or whatever that's wrecking havoc with your machine! Lovely photos by the've got an artist's eye for photography! And the Liberated Quilters...I thought the ranks were closed up at 30 quilters a long time ago, so I never even checked into it. Are there two different groups????

Sharon said...

Great photos! I love cathedrals - they're always photogenic in my book.

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. What a pain! Hope your issues are resolved soon - we miss you!

Shasta said...

Wow, that is some real dedication to post on your blog. These are photos are gorgeous, so thank you for taking the time. I'm a member of the yahoo group now!

kwilta said...

Great pictures there Clare - just love the 'blue' tree.