Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Périgordian Trees

That's what I've decided on for the centre of this quilt (thanks for the idea Nicolette).
Got to add another one to the left and a few odd blocks to fill the gaps, then will start piecing the centre together. Looking at it again, I think the "Rex" has got to be moved about a bit. It's running into the "Alex" and "Jane". Jane is my step-daughter. She is the one who works for the BBC and is A Very Important Person. See you tomorrow. Got a stunning photo taken by The Young One. She's getting good at this camera lark.
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nicolette said...

Perigordian trees, definitely! They look great!

No House...?

Amanda said...

It's fascinating to watch the evolution of a quilt design, and to speculate on 'what next?"

The Devil Dog said...

We love the house, and the evolution of a quilt. It's so much fun (and work) but mostly fun.


belinda said...

Oh I hate the 'thinking' and 'deciding' part....I just want to get on with it!!