Monday, 12 January 2009

Some Steps in the Right Direction

In between breaking up ice 4" thick on the pool, trying to keep warm and generally trying to keep out of trouble (even though The Young One has been home for nearly a week as the school buses weren't running (and still aren't!),  I have been making strides into various projects.

I took note of most of the comments on the last post and have decided along these lines.

What do you think?  I think it could work, but something is stopping me from actually sewing this together.  Don't know what, but obviously something isn't right.

In between fiddling about with bits of purple fabric and generally creating chaos in the sewing corner, I decided to create even more mess downstairs and have been doing some more sewing.

The Young One went back to school today.  It meant a 7.00 a.m get up as we got nominated to do the school run (well The Old One did :-)).

I'm going to catch up on chores and then knuckle down and get some more quilting done.

Stay warm, or if you are in southern climes stay safe.


joyce said...

It's was only -10 yesterday so quite balmy here. Lol. I love the wonky houses. I can't wait to finish the next kit for my SIL so I can get back to wild colors and wonky bits again. Maybe the plain lilac pieces are a bit too large to compete with the busyness of the small blocks. What about a patterned fabric there? Or some large stitch quilting? I love the colors on that one.

Amanda Ryan said...

It may look different 'in real life' but although I love the colours, there just seems to be a bit too much with the patches in the border as well - they seem to detract from the centre of the quilt. It will be interesting to see what other people think though. Love the wonky houses, they're fun/

Cheri said...

Not quite sure I get where the blackberry quilt stands -- are you thinking of those solid lavendar pieces in the border, or are those just placeholders for now? My eye keeps going there. I do like the solid inner border and the patches on the outer border.
Sounds like you are really enjoying your snowbound days (except for breaking up the ice!).

Nancy said...

Wow! the blackberry quilt looks great. I can't believe you can get all this done with a little one under foot. I like your houses too. I need to get back to some houses. I like the way you wonked the roof.

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