Friday, 12 December 2008

AbFab Update

The sewing machines have decided they've done enough work for the moment, so I've been doing some hand quilting, especially on my AbFab quilt.

For relative newcomers to my blog, AbFab is a piece of fabric I found at the Riberac Brocante in 2007. I was fascinated with the colours and the design so decided to hand quilt it.  It will eventually be a wall hanging.

I've called it AbFab because of the abstract fabric design - obvious really!

You can see what it looked like at the last updates by clicking here and here.

AbFab Update1

and a close up

AbFab Update2

Now for a question.

Remember the houses quilt I did for Tonya's Lazy Gal Summer Class?  I've decided to quilt it with the names of sweets and I need some suggestions from you please.

So far I've got :-

  • Gob Stoppers

  • Bubble Gum

  • Liquorice Allsorts (yummy!)

  • Candy Floss

  • Love Hearts; and

  • Fruit Salad (don't know if you can get them in the States).

Any more from anyone?


Ann J said...

What - no Humbugs or Sherbet Lemons Clare !!!.......Luv AJ

DIane said...

Good & Plenty
Atomic Fireballs
Sugar Babies
Tootsie Rolls
Circus Peanuts
Pixy Stix
and Oh my I could go on and on. *grin* my brother and I used to beg our parents for 25 cents to go to the corner store. We would spend forever pouring over the assorted treats trying to decide just what we wanted..and back then 25 cents went a long way *^_^*

Amanda Ryan said...

That hand quilting is gorgeous, it's going to look fantastic when it's finished. By the way, the snow falling across your blog is fun. How about jelly babies, black jacks, flying saucers, sherbert dab, dolly mixture, barley sugar twist, aniseed balls - all sweets that I remember from my childhood.

Dawn said...

How about sherbet lemons and pontefract cakes, oh and dolly mixtures. LOL

Lovely quilt

joyce said...

Jelly beans, candy kisses , I know there are lots more but I'm not much of a candy person. I should ask one of my granddaughters. She LOVES candy.

Fiona said...

As my Mum ran the village shop when I was a child I feel that I am well qualified to make some suggestions in addition to those above ;-)
midget gems
rhubarb and custard
rainbow drops
parma violets
coconut mushrooms
sherbert fountain
milk chews
SPANGLES!!!! (Now there's a blast from the past)

I'm sure there are lots more too.


Fiona said...

I'm on a roll now ...

Keiller's Butterscotch
Sherbert Pips
Golden Cup
Mackintosh's Caramac
Opal Fruits (Starburst - pah!)
Marathon (Snickers - pah!)
... and what was that bubble gum where you could save the wrappers and send off for gifts?

quiltpixie said...

peppermint patties....

Susan said...

Some of my favorites are:
Peanut Butter Logs
Swedish Fish
Ike and Mikes
Maple Nut Goodies
Bridge Mix
Mary Janes (the candy kind)

Pam said...

Years ago I made a house quilt ~ street names were streets family members lived on, houses all had mail boxes with family names. My niece ended up with it but it has since been "misplaced" grrrr.

Gum Drops
Junior Mints

Sarah Peyton said... many lovely sweeties...I was going to suggest a few but have been beaten to it! Milk bottles and coconut mushrooms....some of my faves!
AbFab looks wonderful and I find myself wondering if I would ever have the patience to do anything like that?!You have my respect!
Keep warm,

lisajo said...

your quilting is just gorgeous!!!

Anne Bebbington said...

lovely quilting Claire - Fiona's stolen my thunder with the sweetie names but these also sprang to mind: berwick cockles, black jacks, acid drops, bullseyes, chocolate limes and kayly (pronounced kay-lie) which is what we in the North called the sherbert that is made with sugar crystals rather than powder and was great for dipping liquorice sticks into but gave you a very sore tongue if you had too much of it!

Magpie Sue said...

Well I'm slow to the party too and most of the candies I would have suggested have already been mentioned! But what about the bar candies? Milky Way, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Payday, Hershey's chocolate bars, etc. Not sure what you have over there so maybe some of these are just American versions of candies that others have suggested. Or maybe you don't have them at all? (Hardly seems likely in this day and age!)

Anyway, when I saw Abfab in this post the thought stuck me how fortunate we are nowadays to be able to invest so much time and energy into something just for our own pleasure. Previous generatons would have had to put all that quilting into a bed quilt or petticoat or somesuch. I suppose a wall quilt could be considered insulation if need be ;- ) Still, aren't we lucky?

andsewitis Holly said...

Looking ABsolutely FABulous!

Laura said...

Your abfab quilt is fantastic!

irene vernon said...

oooh must include these Clare - Cherry lips >smile<

Cheri said...

Your AbFab is Ab Fab! Really a great piece.
As for sweets, looks like you have so many suggestions already. All I thought of was the obvious M&M's.

doni in ne said...

Candy names: Cherry Mash and Sweet Tarts. Candy quilts remind me of my valentine hearts quilt. I bought a bag of the candies and took it to work, told the staff they could have them, but they had to tell me what it said first. And that's why a 70 year old distinguished man turned to me and said, "You babe!" LOL!

doni @ Oregon coast

Tonya R said...

quilting looks great, Clare. I love all the candy names - hope you stick with the really fun particularly british ones. did anyone already say Smarties?

Lily said...

Look at all your mouth-watering comments! What about Jersey Caramels? YUM! Ab Fab is looking wonderful :)

Lily said...

And OMG - I just noticed it's snowing across your photos. How on earth did you get it to do that!? LOL

Lynne in Hawaii said...

How about Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops, chocolate covered cherries, malt balls. ABFAB is really looking good!