Saturday, 6 September 2008

I'm hooked!

I've been following Bonnie's exploits in her attempt to build up the largest collection of vintage/antique sewing machines.

She has been very kind and replying to emails fom an over-excited amateur.  We swapped mails about a Singer 239 I found in the local brocante which was well and truly battered and would have needed a lot of TLC - and I mean A LOT!  She suggested I went for it, just to give the poor thing a home, but it wasn't to be.

Yesterday we were in Périgueux twiddling our thumbs in between various appointments and thought we would try to find the local Emmaus.  Emmaus is a charity founded to help the homeless and those "on their uppers" so to speak.  Someone had told me you can occasionally find sewing machine bargains.

So it was a must go to NOW.  You know what us sewing gals are like - Do It Now!

We found it at the back of one of the housing estates in Perigueux (not the sort of place to be on a dark night I can tell you) and Mrs Eagle Eyes set to work.

Meet the Emma's!

Emma 191B is my baby - it looks as if she has hardly been used.  No accessories or instruction book, but oh boy am I chuffed to bits with her.

I think Emma 1425 is going to be my "work horse".  Again no accessories or instruction book (has anyone got one they could copy for me in exchange for fabric or something?).

They've both got foot pedals and electric leads - the 1425 has got a variable speed control which is right up my street AND a self-threading bobbin case.  I think I'm going to love her to bits.

All for the princely sum of .................................................. wait for it ...........................................

















25 Euros for both.  YES!

Update - User Manual for the 1425 now found.  Now surfing for its accessories.


Margo said...

Congratulations! That is a better price than here in Savoie - maybe I had better start traveling around the country visiting the different stores VBG. Try the yahoo group WEFIXIT for details on how to restore/fix etc and also for resources on user manuals.


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Wow, what a bargain! Now that you have opened that jar of peanuts (i.e. you can never eat just one...I am just saying...) you'll be a girl on a mission to finish that jar! I don't know anything about getting manuals, but check with Bonnie. I believe she has knows a site where you can get the history of your machines (and possibly print out manuals??). Have fun!

Connie W said...

I think this is worth some major excitement! Hooray for you!

joyce said...

You can find copies of many manuals online. I'd try the Singer site. You might get luck. You certainly got lucky with the sewing machines.

Nann said...

Comment dites-vous "Way to go!" en francais?
Remember to look up the serial numbers on the Singer website to find out when your gals were born.

Bonnie Hunter said...

WONDERFUL FINDS!!! I really really love them! I wish you many happy years of sewing on vintage machines....they are wonderful!


cher said...

you should be able to find manuals online- plus there is a vintage sewing machine yahoo group you could join as well to help in tracking down other things you might want. enjoy!

Dawn said...

Congratulations, what a bargain!!

Pippa said...

I'm into the treadles at the mo, their going for 10-30E's in our local emmaus, check out my facebook photo's. Singer site is great for dating, manuals and info

Laura in Alameda, CA said...

Oh, baby! ISMACS is an email list for vintage machine collectors- they may have info for you. Conga rats! ( Picture little white rats, in top hats, in a conga line. Yes, I do have a rich inner life, why do you ask?)

nicolette said...

Congrats Clare!! Great to see the vintage machines!

Cheri said...

Congratulations!! Have a great time using them. :)

Donna said...

I have the manual for the 1425 if you still need it. Let me know and I'll scan it and email it to you. It takes regular Singer slant shank attachments. I've purchased several for my 1425

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