Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Quilts 4 Leukaemia Blog Badge

I've finally cracked the size and shape so it looks like it does there on the right.

Please email me, or leave a comment, if you want the nice, clean and revised code for your side bar.

Just goes to show how bored I've been, and that the quilting muse has moved out for a while, if I've got time to muck about on Flickr LOL!

God this weather is awful - I mean awful! It has rained non-stop since Saturday evening. Torrential, straight down, not going to stop, rain! Talk about A River Runs Through It.

The torrent running through the courtyard

Straight through the barns and out the other side. Also down the track, turn sharp left into our courtyard and out through the courtyard gate on to the terrasse!

Definitely duck weather.



anne bebbington said...

Clare - you will all be developing webbed feet - I've another jiffy of scraps to get into the post for you over the next day or so - maybe they'll give you the inspiration to start stitching again :o)))

joyce said...

I would love to take some of your rain. It's so dry and cold here that our garden is doing nothing. There are also huge forest fires burning in Northern Manitoba. We are all hoping for rain.

nicolette said...

No rain, No rain, No rain... Woodstock 1969...!
We‘ve rain, sun, clouds, rain, thunder, rain, more clouds, more rain, wind, rain... temperatures are nice though!
Please send me the html code for the revised Q4L!
I hope to feel (much) better tomorrow and do some orange fabric shopping!! You need some cheering up!

Cheri said...

We are in the same boat (and I guess we need a boat, eh?). We had 3" of rain last night, and more today! Our backyard has a little stream, current and all. And I am listening to distant thunder as I type...at least the snow is gone!

Magpie Sue said...

Yikes! Sounds like you've had more actual precipitation than we've had! Shall I throw you a life preserver? ;- )

I need your mailing address and I'd like the revised code for the badge too please.

Holly said...

Maybe you need an ark. Sounds very soggy over there. I'm praying for rain for Friday so that the all school barbeque will be held indoors like a normal day and not outdoors which creates a lot of extra work for us. :)

Ruth said...

I'd love the code too. Have the blocks I sent turned up yet?