Thursday, 19 June 2008

Goodies in the mail and a little plea for help

I've been meaning to show photos of the mini quilts I've been receiving, but kept on forgetting.

Here is a lovely hearts quilt from Anne.

These are the quilts hanginging on a piece of wall I found out of direct sunlight, which is not that easy in this house I can tell you.

Goodies received today from Hedgehog Jen.

I asked her if she could send me a couple of sticks of the liquorice she sent with her last lot of Leukaemia blocks. Little did I expect this amount and the gorgeous mini quilt.

And Moomin stamps too!

Jen you are so kind.  Thank you so very much.

Lots of blocks are winging their way to me from all four corners of the world.  I contacted the Dubai Quilter's Guild and Marianne, the current President, very kindly sent out an email to her members.  The response has been terrific.

A huge box of red and white blocks, strips, HST's and fabric arrived from Wanda yesterday and Carol over at Giraffe Dreams has issued a challenge to you.

Now the plea.

As much as I love receiving all the beautiful blocks and fabric, I do need batting.  I've got enough for probably another 3 quilts.  So if  anyone is interested in donating batting rather than blocks, please contact me and I'll give you the spec.

You have all been so marvellous for this cause and I'm sure if Sophie and Floyd were reading they would be amazed at the response.

Must toddle - chores to do and we have sun!



Cheri said...

Wonderful quilts you've received! Wow! :)

We use lots of batting for our Project Linus quilts. Sometimes we resort to buying it at the store, but one store gives us a great discount since it's for charity quilts. You might want to see if you can work something out like that. Bring a card with your Quilts for Leukemia website info and so on to show you really are legit. Good luck!

Lily said...

Wow you have been receiving lots of quilty goodness! And licorice. Yum!

teodo said...

Clare send me the spec for the batting that you prefer.
ciao ciao