Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Goodies from Finland

Jen has made me some beautiful blocks for Qs4L.

They arrived today with a whole bunch of goodies.

Gifts from Hedgehog Jen

Chocolate, some napkins which didn't make it into the picture for some reason,

and a gorgeous minature quilt.

Jen, thank you so very much - I love it.


nicolette said...

Love the blocks and enjoy your gifts. You deserve them!!

Hedgehog said...

Glad they arrived safely!

Karol-Ann said...

Great blocks and what a gorgeous label on your quiltlet!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

The blocks are wonderful! They will go a long way toward a beautiful quilt for Qs4L. The mini quilt is really pretty and I agree...the label is terrific! So much goodness all in one package! :0)

Kim said...

I love these ~ really like that you remembered to use a signature label on the back!

Lily said...

Looks like butterflies for the next Q4L quilt!

Lovely work by Jen as usual :)