Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Patch Périgord à Chateau L'Evêque


My first ever patchwork show. No! I don't mean as an exhibitor - I mean as a spectator. By the time I get to hear about expo's they are normally finished, or miles way, but a friend of ours belongs to this group of ladies and told me about it. It wasn't so much quilting as patchwork.


DH voted this the best in show. It's made by our friend who is a quilter/patchworker extraordinaire.


She also made this one which I voted for. Labyrinth. The background is the vertical view of a labyrinth somewhere in Ireland. The labyrinth you can see over the top is the view from above sewn on to gauze and then flipped over the hanging. It's so so gorgeous.

I fell in love with these cats.





Another of Sheila's - look at the needlework that went into this one!


joyce said...

They are all beautiful. The quirky little cats really caught my eye. THe thing I always notice about quilt shows most is that they are so colourful.

Tonya R said...

First show ever? That's sad, but I'm so happy for you that you got to go to this one! those cats are fabulous.