Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Lost Weekend

As you know, DH had his operation on Friday.  I spent Friday unable to concentrate, hence the odd E is the last post.

Alex and I then spent most of the weekend driving backwards and forwards between here and Perigueux.  I am totally knackered, physically and emotionally.

DH is now home and well, despite huge bruising to the right hand side of his face and a nose the size of an ostrich egg!!!

Late Sunday evening I managed to get some quilting on Ab Fab done, but, unfortunately Haunted Houses remains in limbo.  I keep on looking at it and haven't got the ummppphhhh to get going again.   I'm going to leave it alone for a bit and concentrate on getting caught up with the hand quilting.  I've got 2 quilts to do;  Tamzin's quilt has got to be ready for Christmas as they are off to LA permanently at the end of the year.

No photos - sorry - but some links for you instead.

Force Majeure has written a Bent Needle special on web tools for quilters. 

Have you discovered Kieny's blog?  She a Dutch Lady living in Taiwan and, like me, is new to this quilting business.  Interesting stories about Taiwan life.  Go over to say hi and tell her I sent you.

Another interesting blog is fellow Viveur, Marie.  An American living in Luxor, but with a passion for France.

Not so Lazy Gal Tonya has opened her online tutorial to everyone.  Go over and take a look and see if the Free Piecing bug gets you.  It's great fun and you'll get so much joy out of doing it.  Go on - I dare you!



Bobby (UK) said...

So pleased to know all went well for DH. All good wishes for a very speedy recovery to you both!
Bobby (UK) x

nicolette said...

I’m glad your DH is doing fine! Thanks for all the links to blogs! Take care!

Susan said...

Clare, so glad to hear that hubby is doing well and is home. I was thinking of you this weekend past, and figured that you would be worn out running back and forth. Take care of you.

Lily said...

Hope your DH is recovering well. Hopefully he has a sense of humour about his looks! Take it easy...I hope you find handquilting as relaxing as I do :)

Tracey said...

Hi, sorry DH hasn't been well-unless it is just a case of wanting to look like Brad Pitt and then I have no sympathy lol!!!
Know you have a sense of humour so that will get through, thinking of you, Tracey

Kim said...

Glad your DH is recovering. Hope his discomfort is temporary.

Tanya said...

Glad your husband is home and finished with his hospital procedures. Now give him a lot of love and care and he'll sure to be back in the pink!