Monday, 15 October 2007

Dordogne Autumn

The Grues are flying south - winter is on its way.

Cranes over Le B

Flying over Le B late yesterday afternoon.


Last week we went for a walk near Bourdeilles. We had been told about La Forge du Diable Rocher

The Devil's Forge, Bourdeilles

(the Devil's Forge Rock) and thought we'd have a look for ourselves. This is what we found. Looking at those trees you'd think it was Spring.


And a misty picture of the River Dronne

La Dronne near Bourdeilles


Bobby (UK) said...

Wonderful photographs Clare. A very grey and dismal day here in Shropshire - but the roses, sweet peas, clematis, in fact, everything (even wild primroses)still in full bloom in the garden. I haven't the heart to dig them up to make way for winter plants. Hope to get some 'challenge' blocks done this week, but have to go to the dentist this morning. Uurghhh!

Siobhan said...

The photos are great. Also love how your halloween quilt is coming along!

Lily said...

I will never tire of seeing photos like these Clare :)

anne bebbington said...

Lovely pictures again Clare - do you reckon France can beat Argentina in the 3rd/4th place play offs - I think they stand a good chance

janetgordon said...

Lovely moody and misty pictures - sometimes I think autumn shots are better made on an overcast and rainy day. Our autumn colours are advancing nicely here in Eastern Canada following a hard frost last week.

Tonya R said...

love that Devil's Forge - very cool. you're right, doesn't look that autumnal. well,except for the mist!

nicolette said...

Bourdeilles, sweet memories again! Wonderful photos. What’s the temperature this time of year?

Holly said...

That Devil's Forge Rock picture is beautiful.

joyce said...

What gorgeous photos!

Wendy said...

Really lovely photos.... your site looks really great now. Good Job!


John Posniak said...

Words fail me. Thank you for the memories.


Kathy Wagner said...

These are wonderful photographs!

Nick in Shropshire said...

Hi Clare, lovely to see you putting your new camera to such use - those photos are superb, as is your blog!

Talking of Shropshire (first post above) today has been absolutely gorgeous - blue skies, slightly frosty start then warm and still. The Virgin hot air balloon has flown from nearby twice yesterday and today and I've just watched a deep orange half moon sink down over the trees as the grass gradually turns white again. I expect the canopy of red and yellow leaves will soon be coating the ground.

Love from Nick and Sue

Philip Voice said...

Hi Clare

I witnessed the Cranes in the spring and I had not thought any more of it until last night.

I went to lock the workshop up, there was still a lingering rouge background in the west but essentially black to the east and the stars were visible.

Overhead, although I could not see them, I could hear the Cranes distinctive call as they winged their way westwards.

Isn't it beautiful at the moment with the warm days (although the frosts are getting sharper) and amazing sunsets and sunrise'?

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