Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Not alot about nothing in particular & WiP Wednesday

In between this 'n' that I've had my head in the stash boxes pulling out material, putting it back and pulling it out again.  I've got to get together 6 different fabrics for the Stashbuster 6 x 6 challenge and not too sure yet what I'm going to use.

I've got far too much bright, jump out and hit you in the eye red and decided to experiment with a spot of tie dying.  Instead of dye I used bleach and this is the result.

Bleach Dying

Alex has claimed it and has got the dying bug.

Now instead of quilting I shall be up to my elbows in dye!  Can get lots of white cotton from the warehouse at Javerlhac and then we can experiment.  Anyone got any tips/ideas?

WiP this week is Kezia's quilt.  The top is finished so now it's sandwich time!

And then just as you thought it was safe to go back into the bathroom!



joyce said...

You can get a lot of dyeing info at
or if it's mainly tie-dyeing at the Rit Dye site. Also at
There are lots of others that have really helped me. I can email you more if you like. Sorry, I don't think the links work on comments.

Sue in western WA said...

I don't blame Alex for grabbing that piece of fabric! I'd have done the same!

I found one of those lovelies in my bathroom sink the other day too. I'm generally okay with spiders but that one caught me off guard and really freaked me out. It was hours before I could go back in there to deal with it!

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Marto said...

For fabric dyeing tips you can go to this website...

Also you may want to try these folks a try if you have something that you want to dye professionally.