Friday, 3 August 2007

Writer's Reviews Blogger Awards

Last month Quilts 4 Leukaemia was given a Charity Blogger Award by Christy at Writer's Reviews.

I am supposed to nominate 5 other Bloggers for similar Awards. So here goes.

For the Thoughtful BloggerAward




I nominate Anne at Quilting Bebbs and the marvellous Finn at Pieces from my Scrapbag.





For the Courageous Blogger Award






I nominate little Sophie for her bravery and strength in her fight with Leukaemia.



For the Inspirational Blogger Award





I nominate Vivi and Melzie.



And, last, but not least, for the Creative Blogger Award




I nominate Covered Porches.


I could go on forever, but I have already gone over the limit of 5 so had better leave it there.

This is not a meme, but if you want to pass on Christy's awards to anyone else, then please read her post about the rules .


Finn said...

Hi Clare, what a sweet thing for you to do..*VBS* Thank you so very much for finding my blog and for finding me thoughful..*S* I do confess to being one of 'those' people, who has to think about things. I guess I'm a 'wonderer' as well as a 'wanderer'.
Congratulations on the Charity Award...that is wonderful, as is the cause you work for!! I like the new blog at Wordpress, hope this works out well for you. Take care, sending big hugs, Finn

Screen Door said...

Thanks bunches for the nomination. I never considered the thought of being ... creative... I started writing because I realized a couple of things.. There were things I didn't want to forget, and I guess really I was looking for "quilting" friends. In our fast paced word, full of technology and electronics, there is just something incredibly medicinal about stitching two pieces of fabric together...You do great work with your Leukemia quilts. God bless...

Vivi said...

Oh my goodness Clare, thank you so much! I'm touched beyond words. :)