Thursday, 30 August 2007

One day I'll loose my head .....................

so can you help me keep it on!

At the annual Viveur's Summer Meet in July, the Quilts 4 Leukaemia block box was taken out to show them to everyone who was interested. Lots of oohhhhh's and ahhhhhh's.

BUT someone (not me) didn't put the blocks back in the correct bags. I have got 5 stray ones and I don't know who sent them. Some of the material is red and white stripes (a bit like mattress material). There is flowery material amongst the stripes and a red fabric with swirls on it.

If you have sent me blocks within, say, the last 3/4 months can you point me in the direction of the post on your blog and I'll see if they match up.

Siobhan - I know you sent me 2 but the material on the stray ones seems to match the ones that I know are yours. Did you send me more than 2?

Jen - did you send me any more and if so what is the material?

I need to know. Alex is designing the next quilt and I need names!!!!!!!!!!


Hedgehog said...

Can't seem to find a photo of the last batch I send you... If they're mine, don't worry about it!

Siobhan said...

I used the stripe, swirly and Piece of cake florals and I think I sent 5 or 6 blocks...I know one got left behind! Found it stuck in with the fabrics the other day as I put fabric away!

I'm catching up on blog reading...the quilt top looks great!