Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Advice Needed

I moved over to Wordpress thinking I would it prefer to Blogger. I don't think I do.


So I am asking you to help me make a decision.

Shall I move back to Blogger or shall I stay put?


Dawn said...

Hi Clare, I thought you had a lovely blog on bloglines, why did you move?

Racheal said...

I used wordpress for a while but it didn't suit me personally, I found some bits restricting and it just didn't tick all the box's for me.
I moved to Blogger in January and have been very happy with it.

Think about why you moved in the first place.

It is a personal choice but if I was you I think that I would change back to Blogger.

Good luck with your decision

Racheal xx

Angela said...

Clare -- the whole point of this blogging thing is to have fun and be able to talk to others who share similar interests. If wordpress isn't doing it for you, or making the experience less enjoyable -- toss it out. If it's just a learning curve issue -- try sticking it out for a bit more, play, then if it's still not working, move on. Kind of the same thing as with a quilt that isn't playing nicely :0).

Craig said...

Hi Clare, what's causing you problems, drop me a line and I'll see if I can help.

Tink said...


Why did you move away from Blogger to begin with?

IMO WordPress isn't very user friendly, I tried it and I'm a seasoned software user but I didn't like WordPress.

I'f you're struggling all the time, move back to Blogger, blogging is suppose to be fun.
Or have a look at http://www.livejournal.com/tour/ and try it out before moving over. It's free.

Lily said...

And maybe try out some other templates too :)

joyce said...

I'm wondering why you left Blogger. It has always been fine for me. If it was easier, I'd move back to Blogger.

Jeanne said...

I've been happy with Blogger so far. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't be doing it. Go where you can enjoy the process.

Lily said...

Clare, I watched a bit of the TdF last night and looked for you as they cycled through Perigord and the Dordogne - I didn't spot you, but I did oooh and aaah at the gorgeous countryside. Wow! Hope you're having fun.

How are you enjoying this new template? More widget-friendly?

Ravelly1 said...

I've had friends mention Wordpress but I've always prefered Blogger....it seems compatible with alot of things. Hope that helps.

Amy said...

Watched the TdF here, too -- even taped it so I wouldn't miss a single thing...unfortunately, all we got here was a very nice aerial view of the Cathedral St Front in Perigeux, and little else.

I think it's due to the time delay, but they air it four times a day -- I guess Versus (the US sport network carrying the tour) isn't paying France2 enough to get all the feeds!