Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wip Wednesday - 13-06-07 and Machine Quilting

Jean and John have been quilted and I've nearly finished "Katherine" in stem stitch. Today is wet and miz again so I'm going to catch up on a few chores and then knuckle down and try to get the centre finished. Then all I've got to do is to tackle the border which is giving me nightmares. Onto the next question. I am thinking of machine quilting Tamzin's wall hanging quilt cos then I might just be able to get it done, if not in time then at least before they go to L.A. What thread mix do you use, or what make? I am hoping to get up to the QS at Thiviers on Saturday so can have a rummage in the thread section then. What length of stitch, etc, etc, etc. I don't have a walking foot, just a plain old universal one that does everything. Would you advise me to get one or just see what happens. On the other hand, perhaps I should stick to hand quilting. After all, my machine isn't a posh one and I do prefer hand quilting. What do you all think? And to brighten up what is turning into a miserable day, here is a picture of my Alex lying in the freshly cut hay talking to Magic yesterday evening.


Lily said...

I just use a 100% cotton 'machine quilting' thread from my LQS. Sometimes Gutterman, sometimes Mettler (sp?).

I use a long stitch length (like 5).

I would definitely recommend you buy a walker foot - all the problems I was having with the top thread jumping and skipping on the underside were resolved as soon as I switched to the walking foot.

A simple machine can often be better for straight-line quilting!!

Hedgehog said...

Like Lily, I use cotton thread - either YLI or Aurifil.

I use a slightly larger stitch than usual, but not too much bigger.

I have to say that I don't always use my walking foot - it's possible to do smaller and not so bulky things without it, I think. You just have to be careful that things are going through smoothly. It might depend on the bat you use - thicker bats would need the walking foot, I think, but I use pretty thin cotton ones.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

Fiona said...

I also use YLI cotton machine quilting thread, mainly because I really like the variegated types, they are so pretty. I would recommend a walking foot for a big quilt, it really does avoid those puckers on the back.

ViVi said...

I'm sorry I don't have any quilting advice but that photo of Alex is really lovely!

Tonya R said...

ooh, happy kitty getting a belly rub. marvelous pic but it's making my allergies attack!

Esteemarlu said...

I never really machine quilt,just hand quilt in a frame,but after seeing Tonya's work I think I'll try without a frame. When I have machine quilted it's always straight stitching in the ditch woith regular machine thread.

Phoenix71011 said...

Hello Clare
thanks for taking a look at Beauregardtheblog! I have been reading yours quietly in the background for a while now, it was lovely to see you!
The Yahoo group you mentioned, I recently joined but am still trying to fathom out how it works!
The photo of Alex makes me itch to get down...still, not long now!

kind (beau)regards

Sue in western WA said...

Sweet picture!

I'm fortunate to have a Pfaff that has a built-in walking foot. I wouldn't machine quilt without it. (Well, I did, on my old Elna, but not with good results. Not even with a universal walking foot.)

I use 100% cotton batting, which I think helps. It doesn't slip as much as polyester batts.

I use a variety of threads when I machine quilt. Rayon, cotton, blends, you name it. It depends on the project and the intended use for the final quilt.

I can appreciate your desire to get the quilt done ASAP but my personal experience would lead me to recommend you quilt the thing in whatever way you are most comfortable. That way you'll be free of any additional stress (unforseen hiccups with the machine, learning a new tool or process, that sort of thing) and my actually finish more quickly than you expect. You are also likely to be happier with the end result. You want a wedding gift to be filled with love, not frustration!