Monday, 18 June 2007

Please Use Your Keyboard!

I have been thinking about what to do with the beautiful beautiful crazy block from Hideko. It really is too beautiful to put in one of the quilts. I thought about giving it to Sophie and Floyd as if it wasn't for Floyd I wouldn't be doing this in the first place. But, I was thinking last night that perhaps the parents of one of the quilt recipients should have it as, after all, they are going through just as much hell as their child. The thought of watching my lovely Alex going in such pain every day! What heartache these strong strong people must be going through I cannot imagine. So, I need your help. Do I send this to the parents of dear David who left us last month after a long battle; does it go to Sophie's parents who are being so so brave for their beautiful little girl; does it go to Rachel's parents who are, hopefully, nearing the end of their daughter's long fight with this disease; or does it go to Kezia's Mum who must feel rather lost and lonely in a country where she doesn't speak the language and her husband is thousand's of miles away. I haven't linked to Rachel's Journal as her mother has specifically asked me not to. However, go the Qs4L blog and click on the Caring Bridge link. You may be able to find her there. Please use your keyboard!!!!!!!


Buffie H said...

Why don't you give it to all of them. If you take a high resolution digital close up of the piece in the perfect light to show all it's splendour and detail, you can then have the digital image blown up on a canvas or frame it with a coordinating matt.
You can frame the original and keep for yourself or give this to the person that's touched your heart the most.

Buffie H said...

in addition to my first comment... if you have the photo blown up onto a canvas style fabric that's stretched over a timber frame.. you could test out hand quilting with gloss threads over the original lines in the photo. Haven't done this, but could prove very effective.