Wednesday, 27 June 2007

From Little Acorns Great Oaks Grow

This is what I have decided to call Aunt's quilt.

The middle has been quilted and I am now on the border. I am not at all impressed with the Coats & Clark Multicolored thread. I like the effect, but it is not good to sew with. It is too thin, it knots and it breaks.

I've started using it now so I will finish what I started, but never again.

No way is this quilt going to be finished in time. I'll take it with me, but I very much doubt if Aunt will be receiving it this time next week. I'm relieved in a way as it means I can sit back and not rush it, which I have been doing. I was going to cheat and use the backing as the binding. There is so much "stuff" there, as you can see, so I was going to pin the backing round onto the front, using all that bat and making a lovely squidgey binding. I still might. I rather like the effect. DD said it would look like a large and soft picture frame.

I have just discovered that the photo isn't "clickable". I did say I've got a bit of plumbing to do so please be patient while I try to work out how Wordpress works.


swooze said...

Your quilt is really coming along. Great title too! Will you give it to your Aunt undone and finish later?

Tonya R said...

looking great. I love the sound of "squidgey binding" - go for it. Rushing doesn't always make for the most pleasant of experiences. Better to slow down and enjoy yourself.

Sue in western WA said...

I'm curious to know why you switched from blogger to wordpress.

Cheri said...

Looking good -- such a fun quilt! I'm sure your aunt will love it and won't mind waiting for such a treasure. I'm also curious about why you switched to wordpress, which is a new blogging location to me.

Angela said...

It looks great -- and your aunt will love it whenever she gets it!

Fiona said...

Looks great - and I agree with Tonya, why rush.

Lily said...

Nice new digs Clare! What prompted the switch? Glad to see your old posts have come across too :)

Good luck with the finishing of Aunt's quilt. Glad you're not rushing it :)

Love the new banner too!