Friday, 11 May 2007

Mucking about with Flickr

HPIM0281 Originally uploaded by dordognequilter.
I have discovered that you can upload photos from Flickr. A bit like Picasa which was/is driving me crazy. Sooooo this is a test post. This is one of the street lamps on the Pont St Pierre in Bordeaux. Well, it's done it., It loaded beautifully. I think it is now Flickr instead of Picasa.


anne bebbington said...

What a pretty subject - why don't we have street lamps like that in the UK - any time you see the odd pretty one they come along and replace it with a concrete monstrosity - is nothing sacred?

Jane Ann said...

Yep, I switched from Picasa to Flickr very satisfactorily. I have some lovely snaps of London streetlamps around Buck House that are topped with crowns. Delightful.