Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Stashbuster Topic of the Week (a little late) .... My Favourite Quilt Store

Oohhhh - this is hard! I have various ports of call for various quilting bits and pieces. Fabric comes from the fabric warehouse at Javerlhac if we are passing; quilting thread, machine needles and replacement cutters come from Mr Bricolage at Boulazac in Perigueux (don't laugh - they took over the concession of the Arts et Passion store when it closed), embroidery threads come from all over the place (all kinds of shops stock the DMC threads), rulers come from Oasis in Perigueux if and when I need one, but I suppose my favourite of all the ones I have discovered is Saperlipo'patch in Bordeaux. We were there last Friday on a jaunt as it was the last day of the holidays for Alex, but unfortunately we ran out of time and I didn't get to visit. Good thing or bad thing I do not know, but at least the bank balance didn't get a thrashing! Now a new discovery. There is a tissu shop in Perigueux next door but one to the swimming pool supplies shop. DH had to pay a visit yesterday to get a new white bache for the summer pool cover and some other bits and pieces so I popped next door for a quick look. Loads of quilting fabric. Tiny little FQ's for 1 Euro and lots and lots of choice of fabric. Boy was I tempted but I was a good girl and didn't buy. I did see material for the borders for my aunt's wall hanging (WiP demain) and spotted a supply of Coats handquilting thread so will be returning. 3 years ago it was difficult to obtain quilting supplies here without going onto the 'net, so I am pleased to see the choice is finally opening up. I am yet to try Angouleme, but DH has promised a trip there sometime this week. I wonder what I shall find? I don't just get in the car and zoom off at the drop of a hat for quilting stuff. Each visit has to co-incide with a trip out, be it Perigueux, Nontron or, even, Bordeaux.


swooze said...

Thanks for sharing. When I lived in Switzerland I never thought about these types of stores so didn't look for them. I love to learn about the stores in France and hear about their selections.

Fiona said...

Now you are making me feel guilty, I order nearly all of my supplies on the internet.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Same here Clare - I can't just dash off to the quilt shop. My favourite one takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to. Hence the internet supplies most of my stuff.