Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Pressies and a Small Purchase.

A long standing friend, who I have never met, but we belong to the same Yahoo Group, mentioned sometime ago that she had received 2 quilting books from a book club which she did not want so would I like them? Yes please! Well, they were parcelled up and ready to go by UPS from Portland, Oregon to France when my friend Meg's husband just happened to be in Texas, so they were sent down to him. They then travelled across the Atlantic to the Pays Basque and a few weeks later were delivered to Allison who lives in the Charente Maritime. Allison gave them to my friend Sue who lives just north of Nontron and last Saturday I finally got my hands on them. And then last Monday we went into Perigueux, as you know, and as we were in the vicinity of Mr Bricolage I popped in for thread and blades for the cutter. I came out with this little lot, more blades and other bits and pieces. I love the colours and shall probably use this for Aunt's quilt (if it is ever finished). And on that subject, I am trying to get the sections up onto a white wall to show you all so more on that later.


Fiona said...

Now isn't that blue and orange the most fantastic colour combo?

Kathy Wagner said...

Love this photo!

Hedgehog said...

Love the still life - blue and orange is one of my favorite combinations.