Friday, 27 April 2007

Aunt's Quilt and The Bent Needle

I used the door to one of the guest rooms! Putting it up and and having a look at it in a different way has helped. Do you think it will work like this? Perhaps I can leave the "ands" out and just stem stitch the grandchildrens' names in between. There are, would you believe, 10 names to be added. Oh and whilst I'm here, go over and visit Sassenach's monthly blogzine called Bent Needle. In honour of Tonya's imminent arrival in Paris (yippee) Sassenach takes you on a whirl wind tour of parts of Western Europe.


joyce said...

I like it without the "ands". So far it looks great.

anne bebbington said...

This is looking terrific - I must get back into doing some of Nick's Liverpool quilt - you might even have inspired me :o)

Nicole and Phil said...

I would leave out the and's as well.
this is a fabulous looking quilt (well it will be when it is finished :)
What a terrific idea, and extremely personal!

Tanya said...

I'm enjoying reading your past posts about the Wonky name quilt you are working on! What fun! I can see your mind working. Just like mine! Do I want it this way? Or that way? Would this work? Oops. I should have done it this way but it's too late now. Keep on going and don't think too much (that was Tonya's advice to me.)