Thursday, 1 March 2007

Just Chit Chat

Amended 02.03.2007 Sophie's quilt was posted on Monday so hopefully she might have it either tomorrow or Saturday. She is not too good at the moment so any positive thoughts left on her blog would be appreciated. We finally got out of the house for a few hours yesterday. Although warm, it has poured with rain and we have been beaten by gales for what seems like forever. Not good for the Vacances d'Hiver! Anyway, we had to go to check out the whereabouts of the new doctor at Lisle which is about 20 kms drive from here. Look what we found. Before washing machines and tumble driers, women used to do their weekly wash at the local "lavoir". We have one of these at the bottom of our hill on the way to the main road, but about 2/3 of the size and not in such good condition. Ours has a corrugated roof, but its original washing stones are still intact and this one's aren't. As soon as it stops raining and the sun comes out Alex and I will go down and take some photos. There is also another one which hasn't got a roof on it, but will give you some idea of what I mean by "washing stones". Alex took a picture of the water. It is so clear you can't see it! When we got home the wind had dropped a bit so I managed to get some spring like pictures before it picked up again and the rain started. Violets in the garden,
the Nectarine is beginning to bud,
and the Prunus is just about to blossom. The Cherries on this are not edible. I thought they were and got told, in no uncertain terms that they weren't! And to finish - this is our commune. For those of you who know my address, this is the "L" word. In France each village is in a "commune" which in turn is in a "canton" which is in the "sous prefecture" which is in the "departement" which is within a "region". Our commune is "L", which falls under the canton of Mareuil sur Belle, which comes under the "sous-prefecture" of Nontron, which is in the Dordogne, which is in the Aquitaine region of France. If I have got this wrong then no doubt someone will correct me, but I think that is how it works.


Conni Lu said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. I enjoyed seeing them. I have a question: when I post photos onto my blog, I do not know how to position the photos beside the words. Is there a secret? Mine always come out photos first, words below. :(

Gordon said...

Fascinating photos, Clare. You have a good eye for a picture. Since no-one has a webcam near-by I rely on your blog to know what the environment is like down there. Looks like May before we'll move to that vicinity. Gordon

swooze aka Suzette said...

What is that building's purpose that you showed? Very nice photos.

Patti said...

Very interesting building, but what is it? Some sort of baths? An ancient laundry site? Curious minds want to know.

Also about the commune. Do you live in a commune? Or is it a building in your neighborhood?

The pictures are wonderful. Gives us a good idea what things are like in "your neck of the woods".

Tonya R said...

It's wonderful to see those little bits of spring. Bet those full-blown blossoms are going to be gorgeous.

Lily said...

Clare it looks so wintery with that purple sky! But the buds about to bloom give spring away. Let's hope it comes soon - you've had some brrr weather! Love the lavoir. What a great idea. But I am glad for modern washing machines!