Monday, 5 March 2007

200th post and Quilts 4 Leukaemia

I meant to post something quilty for my 200th post, but life has got in the way so I haven't been doing much. So instead here is the latest Qs4L update. Somewhere in Leicestershire, UK is a little girl who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on 11th February 2005 - she was just 4 years old. Rachel is now 6 and is determined to fight. I quote from an email I have received from Rachel's mother.
"Rachel's main characteristic since being diagnosed is a stoic refusal to acknowledge that she is unwell, or that she is in any way different from any other child. She NEVER complains, eg today a school friend is having her birthday party which is a swimming party - she has gone to watch everyone else swim (she can't swim because of her hickman line) and to join them for the birthday tea afterwards. Not once has she moaned, complained or been downhearted, it's just how it is, and she gets on with it. She can't actually remember not having leukaemia now. We try to treat her the same as our other daughter, and we don't make a particular fuss of her - which might sound a bit harsh but we think it makes it easier for her, and certainly she is a happy, bubbly little girl of whom we are very proud. It is just unthinkable that she won't beat this disease, but it will be April 2010 before we know if she has or not, so we hope to give our children lots of happy times between now and then, because just don't know what is ahead."
So this is where the next quilt is going. You can follow Rachel's progress by clicking on this link here. Onto Sophie. Please continue to support her by leaving comments on her blog. She is going through a pretty rough time at the moment. Again - thanks to all of you for your support and help for this worthwhile cause. These kids have a got a long way to go. As I said to Sophie, every time she cuddles her quilt everyone who helped make it will be thinking of her.


Dianne said...

How are you fixed for red and white blocks, Clare? Do you need more for Rachel's quilt? So glad Sophie has her quilt!

Lily said...

Congrats on 200 posts! I am not far behind :)

Oh it just breaks my heart hearing these children's stories. I hope my bits can make it into Rachel's quilt! But if not, I will send her my get well thoughts all the way from Oz.

Thanks again Clare for doing this.