Friday, 23 February 2007


Finn posted a few days about how she learnt to sew, her Grandmother's button box and how she, Finn, loved to play with it. I haven't got a picture, yet, of the button box I inherited from my Grandmother, but I did take a photo of all the bits and pieces that were amongst the sewing stuff that she left me. The two girls in the photos are my great aunt Doris on the left and Grandmother on the right. You can also see one of her tape measures (I used to love playing with this one when I was a child which is why I have it today), a wooden needle case which is beautifully made, some poppers, green silk thread (forgot I had that), her embroidery scissors (I know they are the Stork ones, but they were hers and I love using them), two of her thimbles and, the piece de resistance, her needle book. I used to have a pin cushion but it disappeared in a move. Somewhere I have got her writing case with her initials on and her knitting bag. I used to have her knitting needle case complete with needles in all sizes, but that is another thing which got lost in a move.


Debra Spincic said...

Lovely momentos! Just lovely!

Lily said...

I was away somewhere when my grandmother's house was packed up after she died - there were so many things of hers I would have loved to have, but no one thought of me and I missed out completely. My mum saw how devastated I was and gave me my grandmother's zippered letter file that she'd given her some years earlier. I still treasure it more than 20 years later. I would have loved to have had her button tin!