Thursday, 15 February 2007

Je suis la

We survived! No, honestly it wasn't that bad. The West coast (Bordeaux, Arcachon, Les Landes and down to Biarritz) got it really bad. We got the tail end of it for about 4 hours. I love Meteo France. They said the Orange Alert would be lifted at 18.00 and would you Adam and Eve it! 18.00 dead on the wind dropped! Today is beautiful so it is, at long last, gardening time. Meant to say - I'm mucking about with templates so please bear with me during the deciding process. I didn't like the 3 column one too much - it looked all squashed up. What do you think of this one? I thought I would do a panaorama of local piccies for the header. Having attempted to garden I have decided it is still a bit too cold out there (the wind has turned to the east and it is brrrrrr). Time to get the sewing stuff out which is a bit of a nuisance and I have been looking at the Wisteria which needs a severe trim and it really is a bit too cold to be up a ladder pruning it.


Jane Ann said...

Glad to hear your feet are still planted in terra firma. Love the new template, BTW.

(Qu'est-ce "Adam and Eve it"? Cockney for "believe it"?)

Dianne said...

Ooooo, Clare, bilingual posts AND rhyming slang...too much fun!

So glad the tempete wasn't as nasty as expected. DO stay off ladders when it's cold and windy...we need you here!

BTW, I like this template a lot, and have always loved that photo you use at the top. If you put more piccies up there, can they be clickable, so we don't lose the impact of this one?

Sweet P said...

I'm glad you survived the storm. We're still fighting the wind and bitter cold here from yesterday's storm.

Carole said...

Miserable, je trouve donc la meteo bizzare c'est temp ci. Il fait tres froid ici au North de l'etat de New York. Je suis heureuse de lire que vous avez suirvi votre tempete. Geezz, I get to practice my French. Keep well!