Friday, 15 December 2006


or kitchen roll! Isn't it great! Since when does one put beer in crepes! One Christmas tradition in this house is the making of chocolate walnuts. Alex and I are going to start making them this weekend. I am putting the quilt away and will be sitting at the kitchen table all day today cracking walnuts, literally, hoping they come out in halves and not itzy bits which are useless for dipping in chocolate.


Lily said...

Clare I haven't heard of bierre in les crepes, but in Australia, people often put beer in fish batter. It makes it a little extra light and fluffy!

ViVi said...

Ooh my husband always puts a little bear in his crepes batter. It makes a huge difference and you don't taste it at all! Highly recommended. :)

Those paper towels are fantastic! I'm going to look for them next time I go shopping. :)

Hedgehog said...

Beer in crepes is a good thing - soda water works well, too.

I'm a terrible walnut cracker - tiny pieces, bit of shell - impressed you take that on!