Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Still Here (just)

Have been really really busy over the last few days. Lovely friend Megs from the Pays Basque came up on Wednesday afternoon with her step-son and two of his friends. They stayed until Sunday morning. Thursday we took the kids swimming and then ice skating at Nautilis at Angouleme. In between acting as taxi service Megs and I managed to fit in a few craft shops and I found another fabric shop :-). I didn't buy any, although I was sorely tempted with some black and white fabric. Friday they chilled out in the morning and Megs and I walked round Brantome market (she bought me a gorgeous squishy soft handbag with loads of pockets). Then back to chez moi for lunch and off to Bourdeilles where we dumped the kids for an hour's horse riding. Saturday dragged them into Perigueux where they either went to the cinema or did some retail therapy. Saturday evening the kids were falling asleep over the dining table. So how come they suddenly got their second wind and were playing hide and seek in the dark until about 11.00 p.m! Managed to get a tiny weeny bit of quilting done, but not enough. 169 blogs to read so ....... A bientot Oh - thanks to Kim for the November badge

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Fiona said...

You did very well to get in a bit of quilting among all that frenetic activity, I'm in awe! Sounds like a good time was had by all.