Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Photo Time!

Not very good I'm afraid as it was late last night when I took them. One more house block to finish and them I am on to the border, then bind it, put the "tube" on the back et voila! You can still see the soap lines on this and my name isn't that clear. Think I may have to outline it in pale green. D.H still hasn't done the rail for BJWH (sniff). Bit of a problem at the moment with the electrics. The whole lot tripped out twice last night when I turned my reading light on. Guess who was wandering round in her P.J's with a torch at midnight!


Fiona said...

Oh well done you for doing all that hand quilting. I've never tried any - I'm going to give it a try on my Christmas wallhanging but you seem to have raced through yours - did you get into a rhythm as you went along?

Lily said...

Ooh I like your houses Clare :)

And the cherries on your template!

Good on you re hand quilting. I have finished quilting my daughter's quilt - I must post the photos! I really enjoyed sitting there and doing it all by hand. It was so relaxing and I felt very satisfied when I finished!

Tonya R said...

I like the new template and fonts. Very classy. I think the quilting looks great. Love that you have the fans going around your names.