Friday, 6 October 2006

Playing Catch Up

Every time I think I am there, someone else posts and the unread Bloglines goes up to 60 again! I'm trying my hardest to catch up. In the meantime, thank you to everyone for leaving comments. Lily - I can't email you as you left an anonymous comment. Go on, just one! Let me have your email so I can send you my snail mail address. I am on the home stretch with Os and Xs and am off to Javerlhac in a minute to find some material for the border and back of Houses and to see what price they will give me on loads of batting and meters of red and white material for the backs of the quilts. I promise I won't get side tracked by anything else. If I do, it will just have to stay on the shelves until next month (by which time it will have gone!). My neighbour, Pam, told me of a material shop in Thiviers. It sells grocery stuff and cigarettes, but if you go right to the back you will find proper patchwork fabric, for a price! I've passed it before, but because it has got the red and white "tabac" sign outside, haven't really paid it any attention. Will next time though :-) This is Magic and Podge on Alex's lap. Magic is getting cross because Podge is trying to push her off.


Angie said...

Magic and Podge are so cute! They look like they have sweet faces :)

Finn said...

Hi Clare, what neat looking furry friends you have there..*VBS* And two of them...*S* I'm still in the 'learning to cope' stage with my new room mate Ebby. Today marks the one week point and she makes sure I don't get to comfortable in thinking I've got it figured out. Makes it hard since I know why she's here, and she doesn't...but we're coping..*VBS*
The red and white blocks look like they are coming nicely, and I'm anxious to see what you put with them. Hugs, Finn

Tonya R said...

sweet kitties!