Thursday, 12 October 2006

Family Quilt

Tonya has been talking about inspiration for a Family Quilt and I decided to convert the Houses quilt into a sort of family quilt. Anyway, I started cutting strips for the letters on Tuesday afternoon, got on a "quilt run" and was piecing them together at 5.00 a.m yesterday morning (unable to sleep again). Then I got the bit between my teeth and finished the top at 2.00 a.m this morning. For the first time for weeks I slept like a log and woke up at 8.30 a.m shouting that we had overslept. DH had taken Alex to the bus - huge sigh of relief! Can't upload a photo cos this quilt is going to my Mum for Christmas and sisters and step-father read this blog from time to time. Anyway, S-D's name and Mum's name are free pieced letters and make up part of the border (red on green background) and the rest of the family's names are going to be stitched onto the rooves of the houses. Other halves' names are going to be stitched in the borders of the houses. Other family names and names of animals (past and present) are going to be stitched in the border. So the top is done and I am now going to give myself a day off, do some gardening and chill out! Thanks for your comments on O's and X's. The colours didn't run and it is waiting to be given to its recipient. Yes, I too wonder how D.J managed to quilt by candle light. The kitchen lights were ablaze yesterday!


Angie said...

Hi Clare, I love your x and o quilt! Great job! And girl, you deserve a day off after that "quilt frenzy"! LOL And congratulations on finishing a Christmas gift!

Tonya R said...

oh, Clare the house and family quilt sounds marvelous. I secretly hope that you don't get it finished in time so that I get a chance to see it before you give it away!