Thursday, 28 September 2006

Sewing Boxes

Reading through the daily round of blogs I noticed that pin cushions are being discussed. I don't possess one as I use plastic tubs - one for the plastic/glass beaded top pins, one for my quilt pins and one for quilt safety pins. However, these are pictures of my sewing box which I "pinched" from DH as I couldn't fit everything into my old one. It's a tool box and my goodness is it useful. Alexandra has great fun reoganising it for me on a fairly regular basis so I can never find anything. But its brilliant cos I can just pick needlecases, cotton, scissors, rulers, etc from the kitchen table and dump it all in the bottom until the next day. I'm on the look out for a smaller version for all the embroidery threads and balls of perle cotton that are building up.


Sassenach said...

For my silk ribbon threads, I use one of those flat, clear boxes that are used as inserts for fishing tackle boxes. Many of them come with removable inserts so that you can format them any way you like.

Shelina said...

This is such a great idea. I use dollar store containers for my pins. I find them much easier to use than pin cushions. I am looking for a container to hold my thread though, and may have to consider a tool box for them.