Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The Quilt(s) - where are they going?

Emails and text messages have been flying backwards and forwards between me and Sophie and we have finally come up with an answer as to where all your kindness and love is going to, we think. LRFUK cannot auction them as hoped, so it's Plan B folks! Sophie and Floyd regularly visit children with Leukaemia in various hospitals and hospices in the London area so I think we have decided that we are going to try to make as many "children sized" quilts as possible with the blocks that we receive and donate them to the childrens' wards of those hospitals/hospices. I am hoping that Great Ormond Street Hospital will be one of the recipients. They visited one little boy this weekend who has had to have his testes removed as the Leukaemia has come back - I think he needs some love from around the world don't you? Don't worry if you think you cannot make a block in time. I can't see me getting all the quilts finished this side of Christmas. So keep them coming and lets see how many quilts we can make between, say, now and the end of January. All I've got to do is find a source for the backing and wadding! I am now going to chill out with a well deserved cup of tea and Ox and Xs!


Hedgehog said...

This sounds like an excellent destination for the blocks - it's so exciting to see all the names and places on the right side of your blog!!

Katjaquilt said...

Clare, I read on your sidebar that you will send everyone a French carrier bag. I do have too many bags to carry at once. So when you think you will give me something back - which you don't have to - send me a postcard from Canterbury and take the money to buy batting and background fabrics.