Monday, 25 September 2006

Monday Mumblings

The trusted Indesit washing machine has packed up (the programme dial has decided to throw a wobbly) so the ancient, but still working, backup machine is back in use. This is a real pain, mais c'est la vie and I will just have to trundle on with what I have, hoping that this one doesn't pack up too. Mountains of sheets and towels to wash and it is pouring with rain. Spent a lovely time yesterday doing my Wonky House hanging which is coming along very nicely indeed - very chuffed with it. I will upload photos if Sophie promises faithfully not to let Mum see them. Didn't get much sleep last night. My mind suddenly started whirring away with possible quilt designs and thinking about my Take the Leap Challenge quilt. Do I give it to the Bocquier's, or do I hand it over to Sophie? I am in a real quandry about this. The Leukaemia list to the right has grown again - welcome to Jenni in Australia and Debbi in Illinois. Hedgehog says she is posting me yet more blocks today and Fiona's lovely Take the Leap Challenge crib quilt and 2 red and white blocks will soon be on their way to France, as will Serena's, Mel's and Vera's. If you are not on the list and have already contributed, or have said you will contribute, please let me know. To end today's post, I would like to quote from a mail Floyd sent me at the end of last week. I am sure he won't mind (too late he if does LOL).
"Hi Clare, I think this is fantastic, a great blog site, and very good of you to think of something to help. Also seems like a whole load of others need thanking too, indeed a multi-national massive quilt build!! It must take a fair amount of time to make, and hopefully all this effort can be best used for some great causes. I'll bet some kiddies would be delighted with bright colourful quilts from afar!"


Finn said...

Hi Clare, thanks for stopping over at my blog, Pieces...*VBS*. Your embroidery with the seperated stands sounds very nice. Are you mostly going to be using it that way(the stem stitch) or are up planning to quilt with it also.
On Tonya's blog, she does have general information on doing actual quilting with embroidery floss. I think she uses it when it's "just" the right color and doesn't have it in perle cotton.It's on her sidebar and links you to Bonnie's webpage where she has other tutorials.
The darning needle is good for the eye size, but if you can use a tapestry needle or one meant for crewel work, it will be shorter and give you a nicer stitch. It's just harder to manuever the longer needle.
I'm so happy to hear you are trying other methods.

Hedgehog said...

Great news about all the blocks! International, indeed! Sounds like you are busy with lots of projects!

Shelina said...

So sorry your washing machine isn't working. Can you buy another dial? Glad that you have a backup.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Happy to help. You need at least one block from the Southern Hemisphere