Tuesday, 12 September 2006

A Decision Has Been Made

Alex's best friend's mother gave birth on Sunday to a baby boy. At last a Bocquier to carry on the family name! Amandine (friend) and Amelie (Amandine's younger sister) are over the moon, as is the entire family. Anyway, the Bocquier's have been really great to us since we first came here, helping out with car problems, school problems, etc so I have decided that Os and Xs is going to them for Bocquier junior (Arno, Arnault or something). It is the least I can do for a family that are full of kindness. Onto Red and White Blocks. Had a PM from Fiona yesterday who is going to make a Take the Challenge quilt and wants to donate it to "the cause". Thanks Fiona - that is really really great! Pippa has been having a rummage in her stash and has found some red and white material so, as well as making a quilt, she is also going to do some blocks for me, that's if her husband hasn't divorced her for becoming a quilt junky! Any more offers?


Shelina said...

Congratulations to your friend on the birth. That is a lot of names starting with the letter A in your post!

Hedgehog said...

A couple blocks are on their way from Finland!